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Our History

R.F. Almas Company Limited was formed in 1955 by Robert Francis Almas.  The location at the time was 5 Marathon Street in Hagersville, Ontario.  In the Spring of 2002 our office and shop moved to our current location at 2146 Sandusk Road in Hagersville.

The first few years of business mostly consisted of asphalt work.  In the 1970s was when R.F. Almas got into sewer, watermain and road construction, at this time RF’s son, John H. took over all aspects of the Company.  In 1972 a readi-mix plant was opened in Hagersville and Waterford.  In 1989 R.F. Almas bought K&R Readi-Mix in Cayuga.  These divisions of R.F. Almas Company were sold in 2005 due to an interested buyer, it was an offer the Company could not refuse.

From the 1970s to 2012 R.F. Almas Company had two sewer and watermain crews, one asphalt crew and a small concrete crew.  They employed approximately 50-60 employees in the peak season.  Present day focusing on our specialty we have two sewer and watermain crews and one road building/cleanup crew with approximately 40 employees.

In 1985 John H. Almas’ sons started working fulltime for the Company and in 2011 when John H. passed away his son’s David and John R. took full ownership and operations of R.F. Almas Company.